Residential Solar Evaluations

Tailored roof evaluations for residential structures and ground mounted systems in any building jurisdiction

Commercial Solar Evaluations

Customized engineering solutions for commercial sized solar projects and solar farms

Electrical Design and Evaluation

Electrical analysis, calculations, line diagrams, conductor and conduit schedule.

Retaining Walls and Development

Site specific engineering plans prepared for retaining walls, footing design and landscape development.


Let's Get Started

We provide engineering services for residential and commercial projects. Whether it's a small home project, or a large solar farm, you can count on us to provide quick and accurate engineering for your solar project. Most of our residential roof evaluations can be completed in less than 24 hours.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help renewable energy grow across the country by offering affordable and rapid engineering. We want to simplify permitting by automating the roof evaluation process. We've created a user form that speeds up the turn around time and decreases overhead costs.

Where We Service

Our goal is to simplify solar engineering

Learn how a partnership with Right Angle Engineering can expedite and expand your solar business

Our Vision

Right Angle Engineering is committed to helping renewable energy expand across the country. By streamlining our solar engineering process, we are reducing headaches for renewable energy companies.

How it's Done

1. Complete the site survey information

2. Fill out an online design request form

3. Receive a stamped roof evaluation letter in 24 hours or less

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to our 24-hour turn around time for our evaluation letters and we guarantee the quality of our work.

Building the Future

Right Angle Engineering